About Us

The ezeego1 Model
ezeego1 is the agent for agents. Our one-stop online marketplace gives elite agents and civilian customers easy access to a world of travel-related services. ezeego1's single-window platform means agents can quickly receive real-time intelligence on a wide dossier of products, including flights (Union Jack parachutes not included), hotels (Casino Royale currently unavailable), holidays, sightseeing, buses, cruises, rail tickets, and car rentals (bulletproof glass and rocket launchers may incur an additional charge).

The ezeego1 marketplace connects an international ring of agents, suppliers and travel partners to promote and sell their products. Our website covers the entire travel industry spectrum, including products, contracting, distribution, representation, and support services.

ezeego1 has a top-secret, agents-only website at www.ezeego1.com.au. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use this portal to search and book an extensive range of global products for your customers. Our buying muscle helps keep our prices low, meaning you can pass the savings on to your customers and defeat the ultimate super-villain – direct rates posted on the internet!

The ezeego1 Advantage

ezeego1 serves its squad of crack travel agents through a top-secret agents-only website. Covertly logging on to this portal lets agents search and book an extensive range of global products for their customers.

  • A single window granting agents high-level access to a world of products and services.
  • Our huge selection of domestic and worldwide destinations for all your globetrotting needs.
  • Real-time availability and prices allowing instant booking and confirmation.
  • Competitive pricing and high commissions, which means plenty of money for vodka martinis.
  • Our straightforward booking system – it's easier to use than a helicopter ejector seat!
  • Multiple payment options. Unfortunately, briefcases full of unmarked bills are not accepted.
  • Secure online payment that is safer than a secret Swiss bank account.
  • Our time-limit option – you can hold bookings hostage until confirmed by the customer.
  • Online MIS Reports for all your missions, sorry – transactions.
  • Our shopping cart, which allows you to book all your arrangements in a single transaction.

How ezeego1 Supports You

Agent Support System
The best agents need the best support. Our own Q Division has developed a finely-tuned customer support system to ensure you receive fast, accurate responses from ezeego1 central command for all your bookings:

  • Orders are fulfilled automatically, 24 hours a day.
  • We will get back to you with a quote for any destination within 24 hours (undersea laboratories may take up to 3 days).
  • All 'on-request' bookings are confirmed directly by the supplier.
Products and Contracting
When ezeego1's dedicated product team isn't researching how to fit a detonator in a wristwatch, they are busy contracting with direct suppliers and consolidators all around the globe. The end result is that:
  • Each product is sourced from multiple suppliers, so our customers can access the best available price without having to search across websites.
  • Our real-time interface lets you track availability and pricing as it changes.
  • Comprehensive product research means we are continually refining our range and prices to bring you the best possible deals.

So you have read this far and you are ready to make a booking on our website but have one burning question remaining - why are we called Ezeego1?

ezeego was devised as it implies making travel easy or the ease in which one can complete a travel booking. As for the 1, well that was added from a numerology perspective - to make the website more successful.

Warm Regards
Team Ezeego1 - Australia