Hotels are locally assessed and classified on the basis of standards that are defined for that country or region, local conditions, customs, culture and consumer expectations and thus is not on any universal standards system.
The International Star Rating is most popular, and hotels rated from 1 star to 5 star, the 5 star being the most superior. The European System that generally rates hotels as Deluxe, First Class, and Tourist with Subcategories such as Superior (highlighting added inclusions) and Moderate (stressing that basics of the category are provided).
It must be mentioned that that there are select hotels who claim a superior level of service and exclusivity, and thus assume self proclaimed grades of 6 star or 7 star to distinguish themselves. The ezeego1 system may also use these ratings to point out such outstanding hotels, eg. The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is an all suites hotel, with a official 5 star rating but a 7 star claim based on its exclusivity.
5 Star (Deluxe & Luxury Hotels)
Covers the best and finest, featuring top class accommodation and luxurious facilities. Exceptional service levels characterised by the highest staff-to-guest ratio and 24-hour Reception, Concierge and Room service. Unique architecture, fine decor with an elegant ambience from the lobby to each individual guest room or suite. There are several in-house restaurants and bars, that are often renowned for their famous chefs and delectable dishes and offering fine gourmet dining experiences. Other amenities include: valet parking, concierge service, 24-hour room service, high speed or wireless internet, CD/DVD players, stocked room minibars, well-equipped fitness centers and state-of-the-art business centers.
4 Star (Superior & First Class Hotels)
First Class hotels offer superior comforts, class and quality. Amenities may include proximity to desirable shopping areas and restaurants, valet parking, concierge service, room service, well-equipped fitness centers and state-of-the-art business centers. These properties may be newly constructed or recently renovated, and offer tasteful decor in each room or suite. Depending on weather conditions, air conditioning may not be available in certain countries. Several hotels are well equipped to address the requirements of business travellers with business centres and conference facilties.
3 Star (Quality Mid-Scale & Tourist Class Hotels)
Quality, convenience and comfort in the city or in the suburbs where many of these properties are located. More personalised services including concierge services, reception and room service with extended access. Few amenities that may be available include: swimming pools, fitness centers, room service, concierge service and parking. Often you'll find these properties located near highways and office complexes. Rooms and lobbies are nicely furnished. Depending on weather conditions, air conditioning may not be available in certain countries.
2 Star (Value Properties)
Basic comforts and affordable prices, often located near office parks, airports, and shopping and retail areas. Rooms are comfortably decorated but not overly elegant. Limited services and access. Restaurants or room service would be basic and restricted to breakfast, snacks and beverages. Amenities offered may include free parking, telephones in rooms, cable TV and sometimes swimming pools.
1 Star (Economy Hotels & Motels)
Simple no-frills accommodation, with basic rooms which may not have attached private bath facilities or room telephones, and are aimed at basic budget travellers. These hotels are often located near major highways and transportation. Amenities may include free parking and cable television. Restaurants are often located nearby (not within the hotel), and room service is usually not available.