1. For domestic sectors, which airlines are offered as Full Service airlines?
2. For domestic sectors, which airlines are offered as "Low Cost Carriers"?
3. What is meant by direct flights?
4. What are indirect flights?
5. What are stopovers?
6. What is the significance of the option - Include Night Flights?
7. What is meant by the option - Onward and Return by Different Carriers?
8. Why is the option 'Onward and Return by Different Carriers' not available for booking internationally?
9. What is the significance to search Advanced Search in Flights?
10. What are the classes that can be booked?
11. How many passengers can I book at one go?
12. What is the policy applicable to a pregnant woman?
13. What is the condition for booking Infants?
14. How are the search results displayed when a search is completed?
15. What is the significance of 'Check Rules'? Are the rules the same for all search results?
16. Can I enter my in-flight meal preferences while booking?
17. Can I make special requests while booking?
18. Can I enter the frequent flyer number while booking?
19. My onward and return travel is by different airlines - I am a Frequent Flyer member with both - how do I add the same while booking?
20. What is an airline PNR Number?
21. What are e-tickets?
22. What are the advantages of e-tickets?
23. How does a passenger check-in with an e-ticket?
24. What are the suitable types of Photo Identification required for Air Travel, for passengers carrying E-Tickets?
25. What are Paper Tickets?
26. What if my paper ticket is stolen, lost or misplaced?
27. Are air tickets transferable?
28. What if I require to book an Open Ticket?
29. Do I need to reconfirm my flight before departure?
30. Can I do any last minute amendments at the airport?
31. What is the checked baggage allowance prescribed by the airlines?
32. What is the cabin baggage allowance prescribed by the airlines?
33. What if my baggage is lost, stolen or delayed?
34. What is the Flight + Hotel Combination? When does one take that?