1. What is a Cruise Holiday?
2. What facilities and amenities can one expect on a Cruise Liner?
3. What is included in the Cruise Fare?
4. What charges are not included in the Cruise Fare?
5. What documentation is required to board on Cruise?
6. There are so many itinerary choices. How do I pick one?
7. What are the different cabin categories?
8. What are Shore Excursions? And how can I purchase shore excursions?
9. Can I explore a place by myself?
10. Are there casinos onboard?
11. How can one know and decide what to do from the several activities that are going on, and access the facilities on the cruise liner?
12. How do I settle payments for services onboard?
13. What are port charges?
14. Can I charge items to my shipboard account when I'm in port?
15. Are meals paid for while I'm in port?
16. How early should I arrive at the pier?
17. Do I need cash onboard the ship? Or are there ATMs onboard?
18. How do I pay for onboard purchases?
19. What should I expect during embarkation and disembarkation?
20. Is there a weight limit for how much luggage one should bring?
21. Are there nonsmoking cruises?
22. What other belongings must be included for a cruise?
23. Can unaccompanied minors cruise?
24. What's the minimum cruising age?
25. What's the onboard drinking age?
26. Can I change the spelling of a passenger's name after I book the cruise?
27. Iím going on a cruise for my honeymoon. Can I travel under my married name?
28. I now have a different name than the one on my birth certificate. Will this create a problem?
29. Can I add a passenger to my cabin at a later date?
30. What happens if my flight is delayed?
31. What types of clothing should I pack?
32. Iíve heard various ship terms, like starboard and aft. What do they mean?
33. Is it possible that my cabin will be located below water?
34. What happens if I get sick?
35. What happens if thereís a hurricane or typhoon?
36. Can I call home from the ship?
37. Iím sharing a cabin with a friend. Can we each have our own onboard charge account?
38. . Is food available 24 hours a day?
39. I'd like to celebrate a special occasion. Will the ship help?
40. Will the itinerary change?