1. How are cars classified into various types?
2. Can I choose the vehicle model?
3. What are the age limit requirements for self drive car rentals?
4. What are the license requirements for the driver of self driven car rentals?
5. What is an International Driving License?
6. What are the requirements for obtaining an International Driving License?
7. Along with the rental, what are the possible mandatory charges?
8. What are the additional charges that can be charged?
9. What are various Insurance Cover Options?
10. What are the criteria for additional drivers for self driven car rentals?
11. If I have a child traveling with me, what additional equipment is required for self driven car rentals?
12. What documents must be presented on picking up the car?
13. Can I return the car to another location?
14. What should I do if I am involved in an accident?
15. What are Chauffeur Driven Transfer Services?
16. For Chauffeur Driven Transfers, how do I locate my driver, vehicle or pick-up point and coordinate for the service?
17. What if I want to amend my chauffeur driven transfer service locally?
18. Will the transfer be direct or stop en-route?
19. What are the luggage restrictions that apply?