General FAQs
1. What are the products available on the site?
2. How can I get more information on products?
3. How can I communicate with ezeego1.com?
4. I am a Non Resident Indian. Can I book on your website?
5. How do I become a member of Ezeego1?
6. Why do I need to be a member?
7. How do I change my current password?
8. What if I forget my password?
9. The system is not accepting my password. What do I do?
10. How do I edit my profile?
11. Can I change my username?
12. How do I log out from the website and is it required?
13. What is your Privacy Policy?
14. How do I view my transactions?
15. How can I view the invoice for a transaction?
16. When do I get an Invoice copy by e-mail?
17. How do I receive a receipt?
18. Is ezeego1 customer care 24x7?
19. Can we visit your office?
20. What services can I get from the Customer Service Team?
21. What is the difference between the Toll Free (MTNL / BSNL) number and the GSM Number?
22. How do I send feedback?
23. How does a passenger check-in with an e-ticket?
24. I am experiencing extremely slow speed on the website. Please help?
25. Can I use any browser to access the site?
26. I am not getting your emails in a proper format.
27. What is Ezeecompare?
28. What is an Ezeetool?
29. What is the Check to compare option, how does one use it and when?
30. How does one get the price break-up of the total price?
31. What is a shopping cart?
32. Do I pay every time I add to the cart? How is this useful?
33. What is meant by the 'Add More Services' Feature?
34. Up to how many products can one add on to a shopping cart?
35. While completing the booking, the Internet connection gets disconnected & my credit card gets debited without completing the transaction. In this case what must be done?
36. How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
37. Is my payment secure?
38. Can I make part payments?
39. What are the various modes of payments?
40. What happens in a scenario where I am unable to make payments by the specified time limit?
41. By when should I make the balance payment?
42. What do I do if my payment fails?
43. Are there any bank charges that I may incur for online transactions?
44. What is Easy Bill?
45. How do I find out where are the Easy Bill locations?
46. If I use the Easy Bill payment option to deposit my payments, do I have to pay anything extra?
47. How do I make payments for products priced in foreign currency?
48. What is the BTQ form? Why and when is this needed?
49. What is an A2 form? Why and when is this needed?
50. How do I receive my invoices, ticket and vouchers?
51. How long will it take for physical documents to reach me, if dispatched by courier?
52. What about physical document delivery for bookings made after the indicated cut-off times?
53. Are there any separate courier charges?
54. I live in a small town/village. Would you be able to deliver the physical documents by courier?
55. Can I get my Physical Documents delivered to a P.O. Box address?
56. Why can't you deliver physical documents using the postal services, or any other courier company since my town / village is not serviced by your courier company?
57. What if my physical documents do not reach me within 3 working days?
58. Can I amend services booked through your website?
59. How do I cancel services booked through your website?
60. What is the cancellation policy?
61. How do I know the cancellation charges and the amount due for refund?
62. How and when do I receive my refund?